Our lake is approximately 9.5 acres in size and has many features and islands for the Carp and fisherman alike.
We have a great head of carp from stunning Common Carp, clean and scaled up Mirror Carp to Ghost Carp and Koi Carp.
We also have a match lake and do remove some of the high doubles from the match lake and relocate them in the specimen lake.
As a result of this we have a lot of mid to high teens carp with a quite a lot over 20lb and over 30lb.
The lake also has Pike, Perch, Tench, Roach, Bream and Eels although we are trying to fish out the bream and nuisance fish and we are relocating them to the match lake.
We now have 10 outstanding swims that do vary from single to treble pegs for those that like to socialise with friends while fishing and all of which are spacious and chip barked for added convenience.
A series of upgrades began in Jan 2014 to re-vamp the pegs and peg placements on our specimen lake and the new pegs are now listed in “The Pegs” tab on our website.
All the pegs are designed for both day and overnight sessions. You can see pictures of the upgrades as they happened and how they are now with pictures of the swims to fish too from the drop down menu on “The Pegs” tab.

We have upgraded the pegs even further and now there are huts (Shelters) on each pegged area. These huts are equipped USB charging points (Powered by very large solar panels with battery backups) and a night light for added convenience.

The latest upgrade to the lake has been completed. This involved deepening the lake and removing some of the little satellite islands to further open up the fishable areas for all our pegs.


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