Villereal lake is a 8 acre venue set in the heart of the French countryside just outside the stunning picturesque Bastille village of Villereal , the average depth of the lake is 5-7ft and is tree lined with a variety of birch , larch and old oak trees which surround the lakes circumference and provide a pleasing look to the eye .  Although the bottom is quite uniformed you can find a variety of drop offs , gravel bars and soft mud clay areas which are hot spot areas for the lakes resident carp , on one side is a 4 post area in the lake where many fish are caught from, the other side, several overgrown trees provide a great area to catch large carp . There is no weed to talk about or hidden underwater snags , we have just introduced several Lilly pads into swims which will provide hot spots in each swim for anglers to fish too , the Lilly pads will also provide a swim casting separation to avoid confrontation of casting areas and will be growing up this year. 

The lake is fully private, secure and safe and we can be on hand by telephone or onsite should you require any assistance. 

We have a drivable path around the lake so you have no long walks with the barrow you just drive straight to your swim and unload then park your car just off the lake in a secure area. We do this not only to make the general look of the lake much prettier but also to prevent fish theft. 

Like most of the lakes in the South West of France the lake does have a small population of cray fish , we made the decision to leave these present in order to provide the carp with a more natural food enriched with goodness , the cray fish are not a problem and we just recommend that anglers bring a bolie mesh or shrink wrap with them , the Korda shrink wrap works really well . 

Villereal carp fishery is a family run business, owned by David and Linda Lockett.  Not only does the site home the stunning Villereal fishery but also several bungalows to rent , a camping area and country lodge plots.  Steve & Hazel  have a onsite bar and restaurant and will offer you a warm welcome as well as offer fantastic food packages for our anglers and even delivered to the peg.  These facility’s are situated just 200 metres from the lake but do not interfere with angling. If you book the lake exclusive you have the full private use of the lake so you can relax and not only enjoy the great weather and fishing but also the stunning countryside and fabulous facilities.

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