We offer an 11 month ticket for the syndicate lake – currently £480 – which starts from June each. There is also a winter ticket which allows an extra 10 or so people to fish from November 1st to March 31st.
The lake was stocked with small carp during the late nineties and they have gone on to reach over fifty pounds. (This fish now dead.) Currently the largest known carp in the lake is a mirror, called the Cannon, which has reached 44lbs. There are 4 known forties, about 18 thirties and something like forty twenty pound carp in the lake, which is 10 acres in size. It is shallow, weedy and, as I say in the introductory video, not suitable for beginners. Recently I’ve stocked with some very scaley carp to 26lbs. All born and raised in this country. All the fish on the SYNDICATE page except the big common, are believed to be still alive. Many of them were caught last summer.

There are also three day ticket ponds to fish on the site plus a catfish lake. The cat lake is booking only and tickets run from noon to noon.

Round about winter 2017, the pond known as the Canal will become a night fishing venue for the first time. This, too, will have to be booked when the time is right to change over from day only.

All details of prices and rules are on their relevant pages of the website.

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